Monday, May 11, 2009

How To Keep a Healthy Heart During Hardships?

Bad time can strike any of us, any time. And when it does come by and continues for months then it can begin to harm are bodies and our heart isn't an exception. The continuing economic recession has been a stressor that's continued for a long time now and pained one and all, however, to prevent letting the circumstances affect our heart, we can thankfully take a number of effective steps.

Quality of food – Eating Healthy has a tremendous impact not only on our general health but heart in particular. The key to healthy heart eating entails avoid salty, fatty food, instead simple fresh foods need to be consumed. Eating healthy is also essential to maintaining a healthy weight, which too keeps our heart healthy.

Cutting Back on Health care isn't healthy – If you suffer from heart disease already, delaying medical consultation to save money when experiencing worsening symptoms will make things only worse. If treatment affordability is a concern, you could ask your doctor about the low cost prescription programs that many pharmaceutical drug companies run.

Engage in Exercise – Exercise is an excellent way to maintain health. Doctors recommend 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise. Don't worry if you had to part with your gym membership, check out cheaper options such as simply walking in the neighborhood.

Stay away from Smoke – The habit of smoking significantly increases the risk of a heart attack. Consequently, it's best for you to quit smoking and be smokefree. Also, guard yourself from secondhand smoke.

Take measures to reduce stress – Don't let stress overburden you, find your own means such as spending more time with friends and family, try exercise, meditation, etc.

Get Yourself Medically Examined – Regular medical follow-ups can go a long way to tracking your heart's health. Get your cholesterol and blood pressure checked regularly as that will provide you and your doctor with the information to take further measures such as prescription of hypertensive drugs.

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