Thursday, August 21, 2008

Now Safer Sex Is Promoted Online In Canada

Canadian youths aged 18 – 30, are now being encouraged online to practice safer sex and get HIV tested. The Internet makes for just the right hang out for the young people where most of them can be found listening to music and more.

Many are concerned about the Canadian youth's sexual health because of misconceptions among them that AIDS is curable. Apparently, this misconception has come about as the HIV drugs or Antiretroviral therapy drugs have evolved.

Launched this week the campaign attempts to bank upon the fan following of the rock group U2 and singer Mary J. Blige the hip-hop star, as the Star reports. And it comes about as a joint venture between Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada and Universal Music Canada, in addition to different HIV/AIDS testing facilities, service organizations, medical clinics, and doctors.

Through the campaign, the companies want to spread the word around on forums, networks, and blogs through the online video set to U2's hit number "One," featuring Blige and that's available by the artists at no charge. The companies have promised a donation worth $1 to HIV/AIDS prevention groups, each time the video is forwarded, thus spreading the message.

The surely seems to be a great way to spread AIDS awareness, as Internet is a favorite hangout of the youth and that entertainers are a great influence and are respected across the board. As the message gets forwarded with the download of each video, it is quite akin to the spread of contagious virus itself, which seems to be desirable in this case.

In fact the medium and the execution seems to be quite excellent for spreading the message of not just HIV but other equally debilitating sexually transmitted infections such as HPV.

Recently, the XVII International AIDS Conference was concluded, and 4 initiatives announced at the conference seem to be pretty path breaking, take a look: XVII International AIDS Conference: 4 Precious Initiatives.

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