Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How Acupuncture Helps Women

Today, acupuncture finds wholesome visibility in the media. One of the most popular alternative medicine treatments, acupuncture has been used by 8.2 million U.S. adults according to a 2002 health survey. And quite a few possible benefits of acupuncture too have been reported off late.

It's hard to imagine how tiny needles, the only 'medical instrument' used in acupuncture to stimulate anatomical points on the body could have wide ranging health effects?

Nevertheless, the following illustrations show how acupuncture may help in managing women's health problems.

Acupuncture and IVF Outcomes

Earlier this year, a study published in the British Medical Journal found that the chances of pregnancy were increased by 65% when acupuncture given to patients in addition to the embryo transfer process as compared to when it's not given. However, a later study from the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found little evidence of any benefits. And that more work was needed to establish solid links between Acupuncture and IVF administration. But a spark has been lit.

Acupuncture and Hormone Disorder

Polycystic ovary syndrome or (PCOS) is considered to cause a hormonal imbalance, an interference with ovulation and eventually leading to infertility. Now there's a study being conducted at the University of Virginia Health System to see the effectiveness of the acupuncture on the syndrome. Though the final verdict is still not out, the researcher have expressed promise. And there have been some happy endings.

Acupuncture and Hot Flushes

The evidence about the treatment's effect is not about hot flushes in general though, it's about relief from hot flushes in women on breast cancer treatment. It pertains to women who are being treated with anti-estrogen tamoxifen after breast cancer surgery. The findings came to light at the 6th European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC-6) held in Berlin.

Acupuncture and Back Pain (Pregnancy)

An estimated two-thirds or 66 percent of pregnant women get back pain and about 20% get pelvic pain. This is supposed to occur for the most part due to the distribution of weight during pregnancy. But according to a publication from the organization Cochrane Collaboration, stretching exercises, customized pillows when coupled with acupuncture can relieve such back pain.

Acupuncture and Labor Pain

A review published in the Cochrane Library, published by Cochrane Collaboration, suggests that acupuncture along with hypnosis may relieve labor pain. However, the researchers had also expressed that before putting the findings into practice with confidence, better-designed trials on the subject were needed.

An African quote reads, “When a needle falls into a deep well, many people will look into the well, but few will be ready to go down after it.” I don't know how long ago someone said that, but today it seems many people will accept the dare.

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