Friday, September 26, 2008

Innovative Robot = Hands Free Surgery

Bagging this year's award for “Innovation of the Year,” this new medical device is sure to bring a smile to laparoendoscopic surgeons around the world. Because it sets their hands free!

Prosurgics’ FreeHand robotic camera holder has been garnering attention since its launch in Stockholm this year. Backed by the international technology company Sagentia as a prime development partner, the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons in the USA awarded the robot the “2008 Innovation of the Year” title.

FreeHand, Prosurgics’, a second generation robotic camera holder, brings to the medical industry an inexpensive robotic aid for use in minimally invasive abdominal surgery.

It's now known that surgeons around the world often struggle to find skilled assistants to hold the camera during laparoscopic or key-hole procedures. While, eventually they find dependable aides, it's still an onerous task because it's tiring, and leads to a camera shake, poor visualization, and make the surgery even longer.

How It Works?

Attach It

FreeHand cleverly addresses these problems. The device can be quickly attached to the side of the operating table and because it only takes moments attach, its position can be changed fast during the surgery.

Regulate its movements

The device is controlled using a gadget worn by the surgeon on the forehead. The surgeon using only natural head movements selects the direction in which she wants to “steer” the robot, or tilt, pan and zoom. Then with a foot pedal she can actuate the movement. An option to preselect the speed and other adjustments, enable precise control over the robots movements.

In a nutshell the benefits are threefold:
  • It enables quick and precise control of scope position
  • Unmatched stability
  • Ease of use and efficiency
After, Video Game Surgery To Train Surgeons , the new device seems to be a quite a helpful creation for medics.

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