Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Top 11 Tips To A Healthy Brain

In this fast paced world our mental capabilities are constantly challenged and it's almost a necessity now that we keep our brains sharp as a razor.

People are increasingly preferring products that claim to boost brain power. Intriguingly, even pharmaceutical drugs for narcolepsy aren't an exception. A BBC report highlighted it.

But unlike using prescription drugs to charge the brain, which may raise safety concerns too, the following tips should help boost up your mental prowess.

1. Get more physical exercise: Engage yourself in physically active leisure activities, play a sport, etc.

2. The mental muscle needs workout too: Getting six pack abs requires specific physical workouts. Similarly, solving a puzzle, reading challenging material, learning a new skill, etc. strengthen your mental muscle.

3. Socialize: Socially engaging with friends, family, colleagues and just about anyone human to keep your brains neurons up and running.

4. Eat a nutritious diet: What you eat also feeds the cells of your brain, and you can't expect starved brain to work well. Brain boosters include foods with a good supply of vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, or take a supplement if need be.

5. Excess weight is bad for brain: Try getting a healthy weight.

6. Manage your health problems well: If you suffer from hypertension, diabetes, or any other abnormal medical condition get proper treatment. See: 10 Tips To Stay Healthy

7. You brain needs rest too: After a day's work your body needs rest and so does your brain, make sure that you get ample sleep before you start off for the next day. See: 11 Tips To Sleep Better

8. Try to maintain a positive outlook: Life is a challenge for sure, but a positive outlook will encourage your brain to find solutions to your problems.

9. Consume alcohol in moderation: Also avoid smoking, or doping. See: 12 Smoking Myths

10. Manage your stress levels: Aside from ruining your mental abilities, it can be a cause of diseases. Keep them under check, try meditation and other advice on busting stress. Here are some nice ways to relax yourself.

11. Your brain needs variety: Change your daily schedule a bit by engaging into a hobby and having fun.

No matter what your age is, you're never too old to perk up your brain. Maintain a sense of purpose in life and keep working at it.

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