Saturday, November 1, 2008

Are Veterinarians Happier Than Physicians?

These are tough economic times, and a common sense hunch is that those who earn better would be happier. But are physicians, though better paid, really a happier lot than veterinarians?

Well, going by the common sense hunch hunch they should be, but if a recent AVMA study is to be believed then that's not the case. In fact, the medics who deal with veterinary instruments are happier than physicians. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) study, veterinarians have a very high level of job satisfaction (3.55) as compared to physicians, who's score is (3.47).

And that's not all, veterinary medics are happier than lawyers (3.33) too. However, they are not on top, and professionals superseding vets in job satisfaction are the Clergy (3.79), teachers (3.61) and psychologists (3.59).

The results aside, what exactly is the reason for the higher job satisfaction of medics who's job entails providing health care to animals of all sorts using veterinary products, drugs and instruments.

Perhaps, vets love their jobs! - kidding. But if experts are to be believed then the profession of veterinary medicine is abundantly diversified, more than other of its kind. And as a result it offers veterinarians a myriad opportunities to find their favorite area of practice. The choices are endless and could range from a working as a small animal vet to being a corporate vet doctor, or even associate with a university as a professor and do research. Hence, with so many outlets available, it's unlikely that a vet would ever find herself trapped.

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