Friday, November 28, 2008

Lab Work - A Top Germy Job

If you are one of those who work with sophisticated laboratory equipment, and feel guilty when you take a sick day, there might be no need to feel that way anymore. Because being a laboratory worker entitles you to qualify as one of America's germiest professionals.Lab work is amongst the Top 10 Germiest Jobs in America

These findings were recently made known by Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, who's better known by the moniker "Dr. Germ."

However, laboratory workers aren't alone, in fact they rank at #5 position, and you may be somewhat surprised to know that teachers and day care workers are over the top. And following them are bank employees, tech support pros, medics – the lab workers surface in the next position. Beyond rank #5, police officers, animal control officers, plumbers, sanitation workers and meat packers are subsequently included.

Germy Lab Work

And it seems that laboratorians have a good reason to figure in the list because of how and where they work. For instance, microbiology lab staffers can often be seen walking out from their labs swabbing hands and surfaces in the hospital and then return to find the many of the microbiological cultures test positive for different microbes.

Despite the fact that all of it is very typical of lab workers – nevertheless regular handwashing or using sanitizers in addition to thorough cleansing of medical equipment and lab products around the hospital should provide more protection.

At the same time and according to experts avoiding the office completely or a completely germ free work environment might backfire too. Because a totally sterile environment can make your immune system lazy as it doesn't get enough exercise. As a consequence it might not act promptly when your body actually needs a quick response.

Btw – the data also point to men's desktops being more germier than women's! Fashionable Medical Clothing is becoming a means to self-Expression In The Workplace

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