Friday, November 7, 2008

Homeopathy - Rise Of The Phoenix

Homeopathy is a 250 year old form of alternative medicine and is becoming popular by the day with an ever growing number of people who use and find it helpful internationally. For example, people from around the globe 'Trust' homeopathy, viz. India 62%, Brazil 58%, Saudi Arabia 53%, to name a few. At the same time a slew of articles on homeopathy published in newspapers, magazines or online appear to relish criticizing the so called "pseudoscience," as some refer to it, while completely skipping all the positive research conducted on this system of alternative medicine. While discussions, debates, research and practice of homeopathy continues, homeopathy dies the day anything against it is heard, and is born again when that turns out to be false, behaving much like the mythical bird, the phoenix.

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